Choosing the Right Paver For Your Landscape Project

Your outdoor space and your environmental impact can be greatly improved by adding pavers. Pavers can completely transform the look of your outdoor surfaces such as outdoor dining spaces, pool decks, and porches. It’s easy to decide how you want the surface to look overall, but it’s not always clear how to make it fit in your budget.

Common Types of Pavers


Concrete is one of the most cost effective paver materials you can use for your project. The low cost, as well as how easy it is to mold and install, makes it one of the most popular types of pavers used. The concrete can also be colored to match the color scheme of your decor. With how easy it is to mold, you can achieve many looks and styles with concrete pavers to really transform the look of the surface.


Granite’s beauty and weather durability makes it one of the most popular pavers. However, these benefits aren’t cheap compared to other pavers making this one of the least attractive options for most budgets. Granite also isn’t very easy to work with outdoors, so you’ll most likely want to hire a reputable hardscape company to ensure the project goes smoothly.


Sandstone is one of the most appealing options when it comes to pavers. Its made to have a high end look without the cost of more expensive paver options. It’s also available in many color options and is easy to work with, making it a great choice for your next project.


Limestone can be a very affordable and beautiful option if you can find it. It’s not as widely available as other options and often has to be sourced and shipped from elsewhere. It’s the availability issues that can drive up the price. This also isn’t a great option if you’re looking for a lot of color options or if your area experiences acid rain. Limestone is very susceptible to the effects of the acid. However, even with its pitfalls, limestone is a beautiful material that could be right for your next project.

Permeable Pavers

This is a great eco-friendly option to consider. Permeable pavers are porous allow water to run through them. This helps to lower runoff and reduce flooding on your property. A variety of materials are made to be permeable such as concrete, brick, and plastic. Not only does it benefit your local ecosystem, but also your budget with one of the lower average costs compared to other options. Some states have programs that offer rebates for eco-friendly projects, such as Pennsylvania’s Rain Check Program.


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