How Melting Snow Can Impact the Water Management Plan for Your Commercial Property

While many are busy worrying about snow falling, few are worried about how and where it will melt. It’s important to keep in mind where the melting snow is going, how it’s getting there, and what it’s impacting along the way. Here’s why:

Melting Snow Can Block Your Drains

Most people just pile snow to melt on top of drains, trusting the next step for that snow is to become water and flow peacefully down the drain. However, that water can easily freeze and force additional water to go elsewhere such as under a sidewalk where it can cause damage by freezing and unthawing.

Melting Snow Can Kill Plants

It’s important to make sure melting snow avoids your plants. Too much of the salt some snow crews use is harmful to the plants and can kill them.

Let Your Landscaping Company Handle Your Snow Removal

Our job is installing your plants and taking care of them, the last thing we want to do is use too much salt and kill them. Working on your property year-round, we really get to know it, including where your plants and drains are.

When the snow starts to fall, don’t forget it has to melt somewhere too! We offer professional snow removal to the Bucks County area, contact us today to ensure your property is ready for the snow season

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