Our Design Process


Your vision is our ultimate starting point. We meet with you to discuss your problems, needs and aesthetic preferences with your budget and timeframe in mind. We will prompt you to fill out a questionnaire. Some questions will include: What are the planned uses for your outdoor space? Special design requests? Rough budget? and timeline? Your response will assist us in accommodating your vision.

Site Analysis

We’ll leave no stone unturned. Our designer will come out to thoroughly analyze the project area, taking measurements and photographs. We evaluate the influence of climate, topography, soil profile, existing plants, views, adjacent structures and use patterns. This information impacts the choice and implementation of plants and conceptual hardscape structures.

The Design

The design encapsulates everything from vision, site analysis, site factors, build limitations, material availability, function, and budget factors. Our designers will create a custom design tailored to your specific situation. Generally, our designs include a conceptual and master plan format. To further convey our vision we create rendered perspectives and section elevations. We adjust design elements in accordance with local municipalities along with long term maintenance procedures.

3D Rendered Design

Visualize Your Project

Clarity is one of the most important factors of your project running smoothly. The 3D rendered design ensures we share the same vision and give you an opportunity to visualize your project before it’s completed


Designed by Experts

Advancements in rendering technology paired with our extensive knowledge of plant and construction design allow us to achieve full transparency in the early stages of your project. Each component of the 3d rendered design is made to scale by our professionals, giving you the most realistic mock-up of how your project utilizes the space.


Realistic Rendering

A rendering is useless if it isn’t made as close to reality as possible. That’s why our experts construct your rendering with life-like components and effects

  • Life-Like Textures & Materials
  • Natural & Electronic Lighting
  • Realistic Plants and Trees
  • All Components Designed to Scale
  • Day & Night Renderings


Once all permits, finances, and a site walkthrough are completed, we start work! Once we start the job, continuous work will evolve until full completion is achieved. Our high-quality landscape install crews bring your vision to life. We provide full management of the site to mitigate any routine interruption and a flawless installation process.


Our landscape designer works closely with you, our foremen, and our operations to ensure we address and meet all aspects of the contract and design. Once your project is unveiled to you and you are beyond satisfied, we will provide you with the tools and information so you can maintain and enjoy your landscape investment for years to come. We fully back all phases of the landscape install if any problems arise.