Water Features for Your Outdoor Space

Looking for some exciting ideas to improve your outdoor space? Whether you want to go big with a luxurious landscape design or keep it simple, adding water features like a pond, a fountain, or a waterfall is a great way to upgrade your yard. Check out the water feature ideas below to transform your outdoor area!

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes. Small ones, big ones—pools for swimming laps, plunging, or entertaining family and friends. You may be surprised at how many pool possibilities exist. Swimming pools with waterfalls or other water features are a great way to integrate two types of water features into one space.


Pond Water Feature

A garden pond can have lotus-like water lilies floating on top or house vibrant and friendly koi fish. Or it can be a small, clean, clear, empty body of water—simply there for reflection and pleasure. Like pools, some ponds have beautiful waterfalls that can reduce noise pollution in your outdoor space.

Hot Tubs

Decorative Hot Tub

While hot tubs and spas are built more for relaxation and entertaining than for aesthetics, they can still be attractive. After a long, stressful day, a hot tub spa incorporated into the deck in your backyard is simply the perfect must have luxury for relaxing soaks. Its main function is to entertain a homeowner, family, and friends. However, some hot tubs and spas are custom built to look like small pools or ponds. You can even add water features to the spa, like waterfalls.


Contrary to popular belief, fountains are not water guzzling outdoor features. If it’s designed  with water conservation in mind, a water fountain recycles water, feeding it back to the fountain head or inlet where it is used again. Not only that, in hot climates or on hot days, a fountain fills the air with moisture, bringing much-needed relief to your family and the nearby plants and landscaping. 


In nature, streams rush through granite mountains or meander lazily in upland meadows or trickle through valleys. Before embarking on a stream-making project, research the movement and look of real streams. Most private streams work best if positioned on level land, or at a very slight pitch or slope.

Water Features Done Right!

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